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Reduce Aches & Pains With Topical CBD

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What is FIT RECOVER Freeze Roll-On?

Fit Recover Freeze Roll-On is one of our most popular products, due to its natural and organic therapeutic CBD integrated properties. Its attraction being the impact on muscle soreness, inflammation, and relief for discomfort experienced, with intense exercise and sporting activities.

In the sporting arena, there is a desire to treat inflammation and discomfort using more natural and safer methods, and CBD (Cannabidiol), as a natural product of the Cannabis Sativa plant has emerged as a non-addictive, safer, and effective topical method, without the psychoactive properties.

FIT RECOVER is designed to provide relief pre or post-workout, and support recovery from sore muscles and joint pain.

It contains 100% organic ingredients ranging from Aloe Leaf Juice, cinnamon leaf, essential oils, menthol, capsicum, and more! 

Moreover, it is:

  • Vegan
  • Comes in a roll-on applicator
  • Non-GMO
  • THC-free
  • Contains cooling menthol to relieve muscles from discomfort
  • It uses only 100% organic hemp

Whilst Freeze Roll-On has shown to be effective in the treatment of post-workout inflammation and muscle soreness, what is it that make it work so fast?

Why does Freeze Roll On work so effectively?

CBD absorbs so quickly through the skin in topical form, as a result of CBD Nano-technology. It is organic, natural and hypoallergenic and so completely safe for external use.

It is designed to be applied to the skin for a deeper level of relief on the muscle. The instant cooling relief exuded by the menthol is extraordinary, as you can literally feel it going to work immediately! This is great for various topical discomforts.

Whether you are a sports man or woman, a fitness enthusiast, an elite athlete, or suffer from minor or general aches, this soothing, easily absorbed and fast-drying gel can really support alleviating muscle aches and inflammation.

The Freeze Roll-On ensures that there is no mess, so if you are experiencing aching joints, sore or inflamed muscles, our Fit Recover Freeze Roll-On is for you!

How can it help? 

The menthol ingredient is an effective topical analgesic derived from the mint or peppermint plant, which can be found in many products including skincare and those used to treat relief and discomfort. The cooling sensation occurs due to the stimulation of the thermoreceptors in the skin, which act as a trigger in the brain to communicate the perception of a cold sensation working in conjunction with the CBD and working together with other essential organic ingredients.

In a study to indicate the effectiveness of menthol Johar et al. examined 16 participants to examine the impact of menthol to ice on muscle soreness. Specific exercises were carried out by the participants, which were designed to stimulate delayed onset muscle soreness.

The participants randomly received either topical gel with 3.5% menthol or an ice application on elbow flexors two days after completing the exercise.

Pain perception was measured before and two days after muscle soreness onset, with the exception of measuring the maximum muscle contractions.

It was discovered that compared to ice, topical menthol, reduced discomfort and pain to a larger extent and improved muscle contractions.

Therefore, Fit Recover can help you to:

  • Recover faster 
  • Reduce soreness after workouts 
  • Provides muscle and joint relief
  • Reduce inflammation

How to Apply?

In application, shake well before usage and roll on a generous amount to the area (or areas) affected and you will begin to feel a cooling sensation within seconds, as the topical gets to work penetrating through the skin to the root cause of your discomfort.

You will find that the feeling of discomfort will ease virtually instantly or at most within a couple of minutes! 

It is great to use pre or post-workout, training session, matches, you name it and it is a key addition to your kit bag!

You can reapply it daily as and when needed, most sports professionals use it pre or post-workout or game.

A few tips include:

  • Please use it for external use only.
  • Ensure the area of application is washed and clean to ensure maximum penetration results.
  • Avoid use on broken or irritated skin. If any irritation occurs, please refrain from using it.
  • If you have extremely sensitive skin, it would be advisable to consult your Doctor first before use. You may want to try applying a patch test if you do have sensitive skin.
  • Keep it away from open flames or excessive heat.
  • Avoid cross contamination with other creams, sprays, ointments or lineaments.
  • There are no known association with side effects in the topical application of CBD and is therefore safe even at higher doses.

Applying it prior to an intense workout session, training, or general activity can support to minimise inflammation and discomfort, and post-workout is effective in relieving muscle soreness. It is a great addition to your gym bag, handbag, or training locker.

Visit for more information on our range and to join the host of sports professionals that swear by our products. 

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